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We're running a larger Discord server with all kinds of people who share the same interest in using the Bedwars plugin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don't! We regularly release free updates with new additions of features and bug fixes. On some occasions, you might even find a beta for an upcoming update in our Discord.

There's a very high chance that it will work. Only make sure that you're running Java 8 or newer. Additionally, make sure that you're running SpigotMC or PaperMC 1.8.8 or newer (1.12, 1.16, 1.17 etc. are all supported as well). Other forks of PaperSpigot will likely work as well, but we can't promise that you won't have to move to either PaperSpigot or PaperSpigot. We try our best to support as many forks as possible, please contact us or the community if you've got issues running it or want to check if your fork will work with this plugin.

Marcely's Bedwars is one of the most, if not the most, customizable plugin out there. We tried our best to make as many features as modular as possible and by that making it easy to customize them manually. By this, you're able to customize inter alia:
- All messages (you may even support multiple languages upon your players)
- The spawners (you may add new ones or remove and fully customize them)
- The shop (it's possible to easily add new items, pages, or even modify the whole layout)
- The hotbars
- The scoreboards, sounds, achievements, holograms, etc. and a bunch of smaller features

Yes, it is! The plugin is running in standalone mode by default (standalone = 1 server, not a BungeeCord network). You may configure it so that it can be run on a network as well. If you're interested on doing that, then you might want to check out this wiki article:

While SpigotMC, MC-Market and other marketplaces for plugins are build so that anyone may easily upload their creation and by that possibly upload a hazardous plugin, we have decided to be a bit more on the safer side with our website. We manually decide who and who not may add their plugin/addon to this page. By this we can clarify that the given publisher can be trusted and that the resources may be downloaded without hesitation.

No, this website was build around the idea of having a single place for additions you may need for your server that is running the Marcely's Bedwars plugin. We'll reject and remove any content uploaded by third-party who doesn't follow this simple rule.

We decided to stay on a safer side by using a payment system that has been used on dozens of other stores and not to create one ourselves. By this we can promise that the system is indeed very safe to use. Furthermore, we've spend lots of time and resources on fully testing the payment process.

No, you may download as often as you want. This includes all the upcoming updates, for which you don't have to pay as well. Only make sure that you're not losing the access to your account as the license is bound to it.

We currently offer:
- PayPal
- PayPal (pay later)
- Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Etherum, Dogecoin, and more)
- SEPA Lastschrift
- Debit or Credit card
- Apple Pay
- PaySafeCard
- GiroPay
- Further methods available for certain countries

We're working on increasing the list. If one you're looking to use is not available, then please don't hesitate to contact us.