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The official and best solution for adding a EULA-friendly addition for earnable and buyable cosmetics on your server. This add-on comes with over 100 animations out of the box and even grants the ability for you to easily add an unlimited amount yourself, without ever writing a single line of code. Cosmetics are basically visual effects or animations that get applied whenever the player performs a specific action within a match, such as when he wins. These cosmetics don’t have any negative effect on the fairness of the match, hence it being completely EULA-friendly, even if you are selling them on your web shop.





  • Fully customizable. No, really. All premade animations have been created using the config files and not using code!
  • Unlimited possibilities. You are able to create an unlimited amount of animations yourself and fully customize the shop!
  • Easy-to-understand documentations. Our wiki describes every detail as deeply as possible
  • Over 100 premade animations
  • Earn rewards. Players may receive a balance which they can later use in the shop
  • Custom currencies. You may easily add your own currencies without depending on another plugin
  • Or: Hook into other plugins, such as Vault, PlayerPoints or PvPLevels
  • Create custom GUIs or custom shops, or easily modify the existing ones
  • Play animations for any event. This includes: When a player dies, kills somebody, wins, destroys a bed, shoots a projectile (such as an arrow) or even the round starts
  • Fully editable messages (+ per-player language support with MBedwars’ language system)
  • Super efficient. We are using complex math, smart algorithms and the usage of threads to promise a low CPU and TPS usage
  • Supports networks. All player data is being stored on the SQL database, if enabled
  • Bunch of minor details that make this add-on stand out among others. These include e.g.:



Main Page

The main page is the page where all categories are visible with a single glance. In there, the player may quickly see an overview of all the cosmetics he has earned already and which ones he has activated. You may easily hook this one to any of your third-party plugins by simply making them execute the following command: /mbedwars addon cosmetics shop open main <play name parameter>



Projectile Trails

Projectile trails are basic particles or effects that get played for the projectiles that the player is throwing. The projectile may be e.g. an arrow (shot using a bow), a thrown snowball or a shot fireball.



Victory Dances

Victory Dances are more complex animations that celebrate a win of a match. They may even have an effect to the complete arena and could e.g. break all blocks within it. Don’t worry, MBedwars’ arena regeneration system keeps care of it and makes sure that nothing remains broken.



Final Kill Effects

The final kill effect is being played whenever you are killing the final players of a team. For this, the bed of the opponent team must be already destroyed. Note that there are multiple pages and the screenshot is displaying the last one. Note: The “Found in the Ancient Loot Crate!” dialog will be added with a soon upcoming update.



Shopkeeper Skins

Change the skin of your dealer / shopkeeper! It fully supports custom skins and any kind of mob, and a huge variety of them already exist preconfigured out of the box.



Death Cries

A death cry is a sound that is played whenever the player dies.



Bed Destroy Effects

Bed Destroy Effects get played whenever the player breaks the bed of an opponent.




Glyphs are small pixel art images that appear when you pick up a spawner. It is possible to insert custom image files!



Kill Messages

Thrive your opponents into madness by displaying a custom kill message. Some even include certain counters, such as a kill counter.



Wood Skins

Add some variety by allowing players to choose the wood skin that they can buy within the shop!​




Players may spray a picture that they bought within the shop on any item frame that exists within the arena! To make it easy for you, this addon even includes a feature to automatically place them for you, saving you a lot of time.






This add-on includes a bunch of configuration files. These include the following:



Tokyocia (verified owner) - 03/30/2023

Really great plugin, developer is always available for support

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Official Product


A EULA-solution for your players to spend money in cosmetics that can be used during matches.


No sales tax statement, as small business owners according to § 19 UStG.
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  • Published on:
    17 August 2022
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  • Compatibility:
    MBedwars 5.4.8+
  • Last update:
    13 July 2024