Hypixel Tracker Addon

You can track enemy teams like on Hypixel Bedwars Server 😉


💎 Team tracker item on arena start or when you respawn (can be disabled) 💎

🛒 Team tracker item can be added to MBedwars shop config 🛒

⭐ Customizable messages, GUIs & more! ⭐

😈 Enemy team tracking 😈

📢 Team quick communications (soon!) 📢


💿 Spigot/Paper 1.8 or newer (Paper and his forks are recommended) 💿

🔑 License key 🔑

You can get your license key on this Discord Server (click here)

For default, license key have limit to 1 IP address usage at the same time. If you need more addresses, just contact with me on Discord.

MBedwars plugin (v5.4.4+)



Remember that: by purchasing this addon you accept the following terms and conditions.

You are over 18 years or have your parent’s consent to purchase.

You know all featureslimitations and requirements.

You aren’t allowed to modify the code.

You aren’t allowed to deobfuscate the code.

You aren’t able to receive the source code.

Before reviewing the addon, check out him and make sure you make no mistakes.

Don’t make stupid reviews, such as missing features or the developer aren’t adding features that were requested.

If founds an addon error, it is your responsability to inform the developer about it.

No refunds.

If you are caught leaking the addon or your license key to third person, you will lose access to this resource.

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Hypixel Tracker Addon for MBedwars!


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    14 June 2024
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