Private Games

This addon allows you to create matches that are restricted to members of your own party. Additionally to that, you may fun-up your experience by modifying various gameplay-changing attributes of the match!


  • Latest MBedwars version
  • Must use a party plugin supported by MBedwars (see wiki). You may register custom ones using the HookAPI (for developers)


  1. Drop the plugin inside the following folder: /MBedwars/add-ons
  2. Verify that you are running one of the supported party plugins
  3. Open /MBedwars/lobby-hotbar.yml and add the following new items:
  name: '&e&lPrivate Match Menu' # The name the player will see
  slot: 2 # Make sure this does not collide with another item
  handler: private_games:leader_menu # Do not change
  item: chest # The item the player will

private-force-start: ### OPTIONAL. Remove this if you don't want them to start matches with less than min players
  name: '&e&lForce Start' # The name the player will see
  slot: 7 # Should be equal to the force-start item. If it's not configured, use whatever you want
  handler: force_start:leader_menu # Do not change
  item: clock # The item the player will

4. That’s it! Check your console to verify whether the addon was able to hook with your parties plugin


Create a private match

  1. Create a party using the party plugin that you use and invite members
  2. Make sure you are the leader of the party
  3. Make sure that you have the privategame.bypass.create permission
  4. Type /privategames private to enable the private mode. Type it again to disable it
  5. Join an arena while being in private mode. It may take a second, but you should receive the lobby items in the hotbar now. The chat should announce that as well



  • privateadmin.create: Ability to toggle private mode using /privategames private
  • privategame.admin: Access to various admin commands
  • Permissions to access the given buffs (config Per_buff_perm must be enabled):
    • privategame.buffs.onehit
    • privategame.buffs.gravity
    • privategame.buffs.respawn
    • privategame.buffs.nospawner
    • privategame.buffs.speed
    • privategame.buffs.falldamage
    • privategame.buffs.maxupgrade
    • privategame.buffs.blockprot
    • privategame.buffs.spawnrate


Filtering out private matches from /bw join, Arenas GUI etc.

This addon adds a new is_private arena condition variable (see wiki). It returns a number that is either 1 (is private) or 0 (not private), representing the state of the arena.

Examples to ignore / hide private arenas:

  • /bw join %best[status=2 & is_private=0]
  • /bw arenasgui open <gui> <player> [is_private=0]



They can be found at /MBedwars/add-ons/PrivateGamesAddon/settings.yml



They are all fully customizable. Visit the following Pastebin and copy&paste them inside MBedwars’ messages file (e.g. /MBedwars/language/English.yml). You are now free to customize them how ever you like.

tavor.koren meidan

tavor.koren meidan - 05/06/2022

ok. first. its great. the creator is the best. and its also free and so goooood. i dont know why would you use it. it just got added and its getting updated quicky. 5 star easily

Anonymous - 05/06/2022 (From SpigotMC)

reply: i know that are already a bedwars1058 private games, but is a premium plugin, and is too expensive to buy, that is the reason for i ask you for if you can make this compatible with bw1058


    WhoHarsh - 05/06/2022 (From SpigotMC)

    Sorry not possible as it’s already too hard to make it compatible with mutliple party plugins..

Anonymous - 05/05/2022 (From SpigotMC)

For being 14 years old, you really have some great coding skills! Keep up the great work! Use this talent to your advantage and keep on improving and working on it and you will achieve great things in the future 😀


    WhoHarsh - 05/05/2022 (From SpigotMC)

    Thanks alot patrik!!

Anonymous - 05/04/2022 (From SpigotMC)

the best thing ever. quick support the creator if the best! and its also free. its so good!


    WhoHarsh - 05/04/2022 (From SpigotMC)

    Thanks means alot!

Anonymous - 05/03/2022 (From SpigotMC)

big points for fast support, quick fixes and wonderful updates. Plugin is progressing well


    WhoHarsh - 05/03/2022 (From SpigotMC)

    Thanks alot… anytime ;DD


Pat - 05/02/2022

So far i love it 😀

Anonymous - 05/02/2022 (From SpigotMC)

its a very good plugin! can you make this addon compatible with bedwars1058? <3


    WhoHarsh - 05/02/2022 (From SpigotMC)

    There is already one out there for bw1058!!

Anonymous - 05/01/2022 (From SpigotMC)

undoubtedly a cool adon for mbedwars users to have fun.

Author, in addition, is an adequate person who quickly helped me. Keep it up!


    WhoHarsh - 05/01/2022 (From SpigotMC)

    Thanks sir! Anytime

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Create private party matches for your friends!


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    29 April 2022
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  • Compatibility:
    MBedwars 5.4.8+
  • Last update:
    13July 2024