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Added feature:

  • Config: teamchat-hint-enabled
  • The plugin now sends a hint to the players to tell them how to write globally or that they are currently playing solo and that team chat because of that isn’t available

Command changes:

  • Added /bw arena setregentype (for switching between world and region)
  • Added more aliases to some commands


  • Improved logic of block placement/breaking handler
  • Region regenerator now may produce a little less lag
  • A list of required permissions now get shown when SQL doesn’t work because of some missing
  • Improved bedwars1058 migration system

API additions:

  • PlayerDataAPI#boolean isSQLServiceActive()
  • PlayerDataAPI#Connection openSQLConnection()
  • Arena#boolean isCustomNameEnabled()
  • Arena#String getCustomName()
  • Arena#setCustomName(String)
  • Arena#void setGameWorldName(String)
  • Arena#void setCustomNameEnabled(boolean)
  • Arena#void addAuthors(Collection<String>)
  • Arena#int removeAllAuthors()
  • PlayerIngameDeathEvent#int getDeathSpectateDuration()
  • PlayerIngameDeathEvent#boolean isDeathSpectating()
  • PlayerIngameDeathEvent#void setDeathSpectateDuration(int)
  • PlayerModifyBlockPermissionEvent
  • DefaultPlayerProperty.TEAMCHAT_USE_LAST_HINT_TIME

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed error
  • Fixed QuickBuy getting confused with items that have no name
  • Fixed some commands suggesting “/bw a setworld” instead of “/bw a setcorners” for region types
  • Fixed all spawners not loading when value “spawn-effect” was unknown
  • Spawner’s visibility (using /bw a spawner display) doesn’t update accordingly when active
  • Fixed some places where an error could occur because of an invalid item
  • Fixed PvPLevels support: Not automatically updating levels
  • Fixed teamchat-public-prefix being in the message when customchatmessage-enabled was active
  • Fixed error “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Trying to spawn it in a different world”


Hey! I'm the developer and maintainer of the Marcely's Bedwars plugin. If you've got questions, don't hesitate to contact me, either via our offical support page ( or by emailing me: [email protected]


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