This plugin required a License code to run , you can obtain one by contacting me on discord or in this website



Now you can create your own questsby following this steps :

there are new things added i will explain them here :

You set this in the yaml file for each quest example :

name: Bed Removal Co.
#DAILY -> you need to finish this in 1 day
#WEEKLY -> you need to finish the quest in 1 week
#CHALLENGE -> Finish it in 1 day
type: WEEKLY
#WIN_GAME ->This is for creating win quests
#PLAY_GAME -> This is for creating Play Quests
#BREAK_BED -> This is for creating bed break Quest
#DEFEND_BED ->This is for creating Defend Your bed quest
#BedWarsGeneratorItem -> This is for creating Collect Diamond from generator Quest (this was requsted from a user.)
QuestEventType: BREAK_BED
  - '&7Break 25 beds in BedWars'
  - ''
  - '&8Rewards:'
  - '&9+&b10 &7 Prestige Experince'
  - ''
maxvalue: 25
slot: 13
ischallenge: false
  - prestiges experience add %player% 10

This plugin is really easy to setup only a few steps required and you will be able to add quests and Challenges to your BedWars server :
This plugin required a bedwars plugin
1- MBedwars :​

  • Vault​
  • Economy plugin [LikeEssentials]​
  • AlonsosLevel plugin [for experience and level system!]​
2- BedWars1058​
  • Vault​
  • Economy plugin [like Essentials]​
1- upload the plugin to your server files [plugins folder] 2- start the server so it will generate the plugin file.
3- stop server.
4- edit your config.yml [mysql data], and other files to your liking.
5- start the server,and enjoy the new quests and challenges in your server.How to use it ?use this command:
this command (BedWarsQuest) will open a gui for the quests and challenges
If you are using Mbedwars plugin :
you can either use :
– /quests
– /bedwars addon corequest quests

1- Quilty Code blazing fast!
2- Support 2 types of bedwars plugin and more will be added!
3- Quests and Challenges like a big servers!
4- Auto Accept Quests Feature
5- Allot of config files and configuration available
6- MySql support, now you can have this plugin on your bungeecord network for bedwars server.


Want to try the plugin before buying ? now you can :

IP :

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    25 November 2022
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