Hypixel like Configuration – by ItsPat

WARNING: Do not use, extremely outdated! You can find a newer versions in the web setup of MBedwars. Wiki page


This is my custom Hypixel configuration for Marcely’s Bedwars!

The configuration includes

  • Super identical shop!
    • Item layout, price and decription
    • More special items! (Which are not included in Hypixel)
    • Armor upgrades
    • Sword and pickaxe up and downgrades
  • Sounds!
    • Shop purchase SUCCESS and FAIL sounds
    • Bed destruction sounds for your team and enemy teams!
    • Trap trigger sounds
  • Messages!
    • Join/leave message
    • Item Purchase message
    • Kill message (more follow soon)
    • Bed destruction message (more follow soon)
  • Support for MetallicGoat’s Tweaks addon!
    • Itemspawner upgrades
    • Pickaxe and sword levels
    • Prize commands
    • Top killer message at the end
  • Scoreboards!
    • Display the Arena State
    • Map name
    • Players inside the arena
    • Time till next event
    • Added a Hypixel Style Lobby scoreboard with the plugin AnimatedScoreboard
  • ArenasGUI Layout!
    • Really impressive arena gui layout designs! All made by me!
  • Hypixel Style TAB! Made possible with the TAB Plugin!

And so much more!

Drag and drop the folders inside the “Configuration” folder inside of your PLUGINS folder.

Install the following plugins aswell (THEY ARE MANDATORY)

Tweaks and features –
Extra special items –
Fireball knockback –
Gen Splitter –


##### Optional #####
AnimatedScoreboard –
AlonsoLevels –✅-alonsolevels-1-8-1-18-•-add-levels-to-your-network-rewards-database-hikaricp.83380/



Marcely’s Bedwars – itsPat Hypixel config



Server Partner!

Plugin is also available here!

tavor.koren meidan

tavor.koren meidan (verified owner) - 05/10/2022

I really cant belive nobody has post a review. so I be the first one. first it working great, its fantastic. the only down is that its cost money. but this is worth it. and i am still giving it 5 start review beacaus its great. hope you will decide to buy it too. its awsome

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    02 April 2022
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    MBedwars 5.0.14 or newer