dejwideek’s Spectator Settings Addon

This addon adding spectator settings while watching the arena.

Officially supported versions is: 1.8.x-1.19.x

Addon Features:

  • Speed I effect
  • Speed II effect
  • Speed III effect
  • Speed IV effect
  • Night Vision effect
  • Fully customizable permissions, messages & menu!

How to use that addon?

Put this addon to your ./plugins directory.

In ./plugins/MBedwars/spectator-hotbar.yml add your item for spectator settings like this (DON’T CHANGE HANDLER!!):


  name: ‘&aSpectator Settings &7(Right Click)’

  slot: 4

  handler: ‘spectator-settings’

  item: ‘redstone_comparator’

This is all, have fun!

Command: /spectsettingsreload – Reload configuration files.

All permissions is fully customizable but for default its:

bw.spectsettings.speed.1 – Speed I effect

bw.spectsettings.speed.2 – Speed II effect

bw.spectsettings.speed.3 – Speed III effect

bw.spectsettings.speed.4 – Speed IV effect

bw.spectsettings.nightvision – Night Vision effect

bw.spectsettings.reload – /spectsettingsreload command

Hex colors:

This features works only on 1.16+ version!

One color:
Variable: <SOLID:[hex without #]>
Example: “<SOLID:fdfdfd>hex color”
Gradient color:
Start variable: <GRADIENT:[hex without #]>
End variable: </GRADIENT:[hex without #]>
Example: “<GRADIENT:000000>gradient</GRADIENT:ffffff>”
Rainbow color:
Start variable: <RAINBOW[saturation value]>
End variable: </RAINBOW>
Smaller value: darker
Higher value: brighter
Example: “<RAINBOW1>rainbow</RAINBOW>”

If you need help for this plugin, join to the Discord Server! (Click!)

IMPORTANT: I’m from Poland and I’m bad at English.

The plugin may have grammar errors at times, please understand!

Thanks Marcel for helping me in some problems!

Anonymous - 08/18/2022 (From SpigotMC)

You are accomplishing really decent progress! 😀 This add-on is for all the people who are looking for a better alternative to the simple included speed toggle


    dejwideek - 08/18/2022 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you for the review!! ;D

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