Marcely’s Bedwars

Marcely’s Bedwars is one of the largest and one of the most maintained Bedwars plugin out there. Since its release in October 2015 the plugin has evolved from a fun project whose owner created it for his own server into a large project that’s being used and adopted by many server owners. Reasons for the plugin to stand up from others are its community and their readiness in helping newbies, its optimized and regularly written code, and its extensiveness. Not only is the plugin very configurable it also has a large API that’s being used by developers to extend the already major core to their needs.









Bedwars nowadays is a classical Minigame and a standard on lots of servers.
In there, your goal is to strategically compete in a team against your enemies, however, to also protect your own bed.Your bed is your life source in this game, so if it’s gone and you die you’ll be eliminated.
The maps are similar to those from SkyWars, so the map usually consists of flying islands. But instead of chests, there are spawners on the island which spawn resources, with which you can buy yourself blocks to actually build yourself forward or weapons to defeat yourself. Read more about it on our wiki.







  • Unlimited amount of active arenas on a single server
  • Supports BungeeCord & Standalone (Single non-network server)
  • Supports SQL
  • Supports various CloudSystems
  • No dependencies (No, for real. You don’t even need WorldEdit to utilize all features)
  • Includes 29 language files (Managed by the community, you may even add your own one)
  • Well documented and modern Wiki
  • Custom automatic update checker
  • Issue tracker – if something is not right with a plugin or configuration, the plugin informs you about the exact problem!
  • Includes a Doner Kebab ( not a real one tho 😉 )
  • Includes “unfunny” jokes
  • Smart systems to retain a high TPS, such as a threaded ticker that takes load from the main thread into a separate thread/cpu core
  • Mapvote system that works flawlessly with the multi-arena system
  • Extremely customizable (12 Separate Configuration Files, Main Configuration is ~1000 lines long)
  • Super simple arena creation and customization
  • Use either commands or the Setup GUI that helps you through the setup with every step
  • Various arena types:
    • Region: Stable & efficient regenerator, has a border
    • World: Uses the whole world, slightly less efficient
    • World (SWM): Same as world, only uses SWM (more efficient)
  • Create any type of arena (Solo, duo, trios, quad, etc…) or even with literally 100 players per team, if you wish
  • Have any amount of teams for your arena (up to 15, limited by Minecraft’s colors 😉 )
  • Icons (for the arena join GUI’s)
  • Set Map builder author(s)
  • Set minimum players
  • Super Fast Regeneration Times – usually takes less than 2 seconds (No TPS Drops)
  • Rejoining (works flawlessly with BungeeCord as well)
  • Arena picker – An advanced feature which lets you create different ways of joining into specific arenas (Documentation)
  • Arena join GUI’s (Documentation)
  • Ranking signs, skulls and statues
  • Has an Ecosystem consisting of Templates and Add-ons (Explore)
  • Massive API (JavaDocs)
  • Does not affect performance
  • Supports a lot of plugins (view the list below)
  • Achievements!
  • Customizable Sounds
  • Player Stats: Wins, Kills, Ranks, Deaths, Final Kills, Bed Destroys, Play Time, Win Streaks and even add your custom ones using the API!
  • Stats Hologram
  • Configurable Hotbar items in the Lobby
  • Support for different Types of NPC’s (Villager, NPC[self] – Uses your own Skin ,NPC[UUID] – UUID of a Player, ArmorStand[Parameters] – Parameters for rotating arms and feet)
  • Extremely customizable spawners
  • You can use every item as a resource and create as many as you want
  • Set any time as an interval
  • Display holograms (Spawner Name, Block & Time until Next Drop) above item spawners
  • You can drop multiple resources from a single Spawner
  • You can add a custom spawn sound and particle effect
  • If a Spawner has dropped X Amount of Items, it will stop spawning them until they are picked up
  • Community created addons and custom configuration files
  • They are available on the official MBedwars website
  • Extremely configurable shop
  • Choose between multiple Design Templates (Normal, Hypixel, HiveMC, GommeHD, Rewinside, Minesucht, BergwerkLabs, HypixelV2)
  • You can show Bedrock Players (Over GeyserMC) a different Shop Layout
  • Create custom items (Auto Bridges or PopUpTowers and more)
  • Add Enchantments from Sharpness 1 to Efficiency 32767
  • Multi resource support (you can make X resources needed to purchase an item)
  • Multi item support (Only 1 item is Displayed in the shop, but if you buy it, it gives you x Amount.)
  • Special items (Rescue Platform, Mobile Shop, TNT Sheep, Fireball, Guardian, Magnetic Boots, Base Teleporter, Bridge builder tool, player tracker, trap)
  • You can give every Item a custom Description (Lore)
  • Upgrades Shop
  • 2 Shop layouts (Normal and “old” Hypixel (new one comming soon))
  • You can modify the UpgradeName and Description
  • Set custom prices, icons, modifier for upgrades
  • You can have as many upgrade levels as you want
  • Hide player armor when using invisibility potions
  • Allow players to spectate active matches
  • Break the lobby with the start of a match
  • Have a custom bed block (something else than the bed, you could theoretically even play eggwars)
  • Custom death messages
  • Security features (prevent your staff from cheating, anti /tpa, /home etc. features)
  • Give players prizes
  • Manually define the performance usage using following parameters: Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Ultra
  • Customize the GUIs
  • Have signs, holograms or NPCs for joining an arena
  • Advanced chat customization
  • Tons of placeholders for PAPI
  • Migrate from other Bedwars plugins
  • Support for hex colors
  • We support all versions from 1.8.8 up to the latest one and we won’t ever remove any version in the future
  • *phew* and a lot more!

Thanks to @ItsPat and @LeNinjaHD for helping me with this list 😀







This is the list of (almost) all the plugins/software we consciously added into the source code. By this, we’re able to provide a further stable and extensive experience. You may of course have more plugins on your server than those listed here. The plugin generally tries its best to not cause any interferences.



* We try our best to support as many forks as possible, and it’s likely that your fork will work with our plugin. However, keep in mind that there’s a chance that it won’t work as with any plugin. You’ll have to switch to an other server .jar if that’s the case. PaperMC and SpigotMC are generally fully supported.

















“It is a pleasure to work with Marcel, the plugin presents an optimized and stable system that allows us to offer the game to hundreds of users. In addition to being very complete and customizable, ideal for any type of server. To highlight the excellent support and response time for bug fixes.” – Alex, CEO of


















We take user-friendliness and QoL features extremely important. Thus, you will find a bunch of miscellaneous features that make us stand out from the alternatives. One example would be the setup wizard: A literal website in which you are able to set up the plugin. In there, you are being brought to the world of MBedwars through step-by-step instructions. One of the steps introduces the choice of whether you would like to have a template called “HyPixel” preinstalled. You may also choose another variant created by us if you instead would rather have a unique experience. You may read more about it on our wiki:







Then prepare yourself for the fairyland you’re about to face. Not only is the API itself already huge and extremely modular, it was also designed to be easily usable by everyone. We have spent lots of time in describing as much as possible in the Javadoc, making it easier for you to reach your goal. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got questions.

Anonymous - 09/25/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Best Bw plugin, friendly Devs, almost instant help on Discord. Easy to config **********

Anonymous - 09/23/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Very cool bedwars plugin with a lot of beautiful animation that make your players stay in your server 😀

Anonymous - 09/23/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Ce plugin est vraiment bien par contre les traduction de sont pas super mais sinon aucun bug :]

Anonymous - 09/09/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Best ;D


Anonymous - 09/08/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Awesome Plugin! The Creator was super helpful on helping me figure out my problems. 5 Stars indeed!

Anonymous - 09/05/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Super plugin 🙂 It’s the best Bedwars ! It’s 100% work on my server 🙂

Lot of update it’s perfect

Anonymous - 09/04/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Hey… bestimmt kennst du mich. Naja du musst mich kennen denn wir haben vor 10 min geschrieben.

Also jetzt mal zu dem Plugin…

Ich wollte mir das Plugin per PaySafeCard kaufen und es ging reibungslos. Einfach 1 mal per pm schreiben und kurz darauf war die Antwort da und ich habe es heruntergeladen.

Dann habe ich alles eingerichtet und nach ca 30min konnte ich meine 1. Runde mit dem BedWars spielen.

Es ist leicht zu konfigurieren.

Bis jetzt hat es noch 2 Bugs:

– Im Shop

– Und wenn man die BW Lobby verlässt

Darauf bin ich auf den Discord Server gegangen um mich über die Bugs/andere Fragen zu informieren und habe minds. 1 Std eine der BESTEN Beratungen der Welt bekommen. Es wurde mir geholfen bis ich wirklich AUCH BIS ZUM LETZTEN Schluss alles verstanden hatte.

Am Ende wurde mir gesagt das die ganzen Bugs im nächsten Update gefixt werden. Darauf freue ich mich tierisch.

Insgesamt wollte ich 4 Sterne geben aber durch den TOLLEN ausführlich Support würde ich sogar 10 Punkte geben. Ich finde es einfach toll das es noch solche Leute gibt wie euch (Marcel und ItsPat) gibt.

Danke für das Plugin…

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Justus (Bei Spigot wurde ich aus versehen Jusuts genannt)

Anonymous - 09/01/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Fantastic 😀

Easy to modify

really well made

awesome configurations

and awesome developer 😀

Anonymous - 08/31/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Good, but the dev no responde the private message to help, and we need in the store upgrade armors .


    Marcel - 08/31/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    NEVER do a review because of that. Maybe I didn’t saw your pm? Look, you are rating something for what I can do nothing as I am not getting annotated some messages latetly. If so then join our discord channel. Please change your review. And the url to the wiki is clearly written in the description:

Anonymous - 08/31/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Such an amazing Bedwars plugin, I remember when I used this on my network. The support was lovely, Amazing! <3

Anonymous - 08/19/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Top plugin. All bugs known, fixed. Dev is good and helpful. Willing to support no matter what. 🙂

Anonymous - 08/16/2017 (From SpigotMC)

The plugin is working now, the owner even come to my server to help me out. abcd

Anonymous - 08/10/2017 (From SpigotMC)

perfect bedwars, the best plugin for bedwars, i recommend buy it, because has a lot features and animation, the players will love playing marcely’s bedwars, great author that fix bugs quickly and has a lot of addons that mark the different between the rest bedwars plugins, so 100% perfect

Anonymous - 08/06/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Plugin, 10/10

Support 10/10

Dev 100/10


fun playing with this plugin, cannot be rated, this number does not exist how much fun someone can have with a plugin 😀

Anonymous - 08/04/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Das ist das beste BedWars Plugin was ich kenne früher hatte ich immer BedWars-Rel, und ich habe jetzt dieses Plugin gekauft weil hier der Server nicht laggt und man auch ein Map-Vote hat.

Der Support war 1.Klasse

Ich hatte ein Problem und habe Marcel geschrieben und er hat mir sehr schnell geantwortet, und noch was : er kam sogar auf meinen Server und hat sich Zeit genommen die Ursache zu finden und das Problem zu beheben.

Ich würde das dieses Plugin jeden empfehlen der Zukunft in seinem Server sieht.

Anonymous - 08/04/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Plugin ist soweit gut, hat aber allerding einige fehler, zb das der eisen spawner ab und an einfach verschwindet. Müssen den immer wieder neu setzen und verschwindet auch aus der datei. Bitte fixen

Anonymous - 08/02/2017 (From SpigotMC)

wow, this is amazing, i could’t setup the bungee mode, but the author resolve my problem and now works perfect, this is the best bedwars and have a lot’s ot addons for customize your server, good support and good plugin

Anonymous - 07/24/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Even better and more customizable updates! Could u prevent spectators from getting too close to players in game because when players r making a bridge spectators can just stand infront of them and make them fall. Also, when abouts u adding team upgrades?

Anonymous - 07/21/2017 (From SpigotMC)

I like this plugin,fix bug very fast,author is very good,make plugin is nice,buy this plugin.Every penny is worth it 🙂

Anonymous - 07/20/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Still the BEST Plugin 😀

Super simple to setup, super fun, developer is awesome, helps everytime, let’s just hope he doesnt get a mental crash with all those bugfixes 😀

Anonymous - 07/20/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Fantastic plugins, the creator available to help, I absolutely recommend it to everyone!

Anonymous - 07/20/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Bestes BedWars Plugin aufm Markt, kaufen!

Der Dev ist super freundlich und gibt sogar Support um halb 2 in der Früh!

Anonymous - 07/12/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Thank you for adding support to Placeholderapi! What are the variables though? Could you also add team upgrades just like the ones in hypixel and the hive? (sorry for asking for too much :3)


    Marcel - 07/12/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    I thought that you ment that you are able to use PlaceholderAPI placeholders in messages. Well, I can add custom placeholders for PlaceholderAPI in some of the next updates.

    The eggwars/upgrades is currently in development. It’s planned to get released in ~2 weeks but because there are still lots of requests for features it will take probably much longer.

Anonymous - 07/10/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Perfect plugin! Please add support to Placeholderapi and add a command to view achievements and a gui for stats!


    Marcel - 07/10/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    Support for PlaceholderAPI will be added in the next update.

    ^^ EDIT: Done

    I’ll add a GUI for achievements and gui soon 😉

Anonymous - 06/21/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Please add the ability to go with the compass

Need it)



    Marcel - 06/21/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    What do you mean exactly with ‘go with the compass’? Do you mean like that I am getting teleported to the block at which I am looking at if I am using the item? Please write me a private message with more details

Anonymous - 06/16/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Sehr cooler developer hilft nur bei jedem noch so kleinen Problem und schaut sich die Probleme am Server direkt an 🙂

Und der Support ist auch 1A 🙂

Anonymous - 06/11/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Sorry I added a review without properly investigating.

I will send details to PM.

I want to make a network using this plugin.


    Marcel - 06/11/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    No problem, I can add the features you wished to make it more like HyPixel 🙂

Anonymous - 06/10/2017 (From SpigotMC)

great author, he solve my questions, and make a good bedwars plugins, thanks for helpme, you are the best 😀

Anonymous - 06/10/2017 (From SpigotMC)

There’s a few kinks here and there but VERY well worth the price. Very cool and highly active dev and so many amazing per-built features and highly customizable. Dev even fixed an issue I was having, with a new update in 12 hours! Can’t stress enough if you want a BW plugin you need this one!

Anonymous - 06/09/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Leute das Geld lohnt sich! Das ist das beste Plugin was es gibt! Man alles einstellen! Egal ob Mapvote, Shop Design egal was ALLES! Wenn ihr ein Bedwars Plugin braucht dann kauft ihr euch es hier!

Anonymous - 06/06/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Auch wenn ich natürlich nicht alle anderen BW-Plugins getestet habe, glaube ich das kein anderes auch nur ansatzweise an dieses hier rankommt. Ich würde sogar sagen das keiner der “großen” Server ein Bedwars Plugin hat das so viele Features mit dich bringt.

Gut finde ich das man wirklich nahezu Alles einstellen kann. Somit ist es möglich das “Standard” – Bedwars zu bekommen, aber auch durch die Features und Addons ein Variante die man vielleicht so noch nicht kennt.

Der Support seitens Marcely99 ist vorbildlich. Bei Problemen hilft er einem gerne, freundlich und schnell. Bugs werden schnell und erfolgreich behoben und vorgeschlagene Features werden soweit möglich integriert.

Dieses Plugin ist sein Geld zu 100% wert wenn man ein hochwertiges BedWars Plugin auf seinem Server haben möchte.

Klare Kaufempfehlung!

Anonymous - 06/02/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Just Fantastic 🙂


Anonymous - 05/29/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Das Plugin ist sehr gut, ich freue mich schon auf das große Update

Aber könntest du evt. Lobby Titles wie “5” “4” “3” “2” “1” “Der Kampf beginnt (SUBTITLE: Viel Glück)” Oder sowas hinzufügen?


    Marcel - 05/29/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    Sure! 🙂

    Klar! Mache ich doch gerne!

Anonymous - 05/04/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Quite an interesting plugins ! can I advertise to a chinese minecraft forum MCBBS ? i’ll translate the config into chinese and let more pepole know it!

Anonymous - 04/12/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Als erstes mal das Geld ist es zu 100% wert. Ihr habt total viele Möglichkeiten ob BungeeCord oder ein Server / mit oder ohne Map Vote, es ist alles möglich. Es gibt viele Einstellungs Möglichkeiten, Sprache, Teamanzahl, Mitglieder pro Team und vieles vieles mehr. Das Plugin ist somit zu 99,99% Konfigurierbar und kann nach eigenen Wünschen und Ideen angepasst werden.

Es gibt regelmäßig Updates mit Bug Fixes und neuen Features. Der Developer ist sehr Aktiv.

Dann der Support. Ich hatte einige Fehler gefunden und diese gemeldet. Innerhalb von wenigen Stunden wurden die Fehler gefixt und ein Update kommt raus.

Wünsche? Auch kein Problem der Developer ist für vieles offen.

Die Addons selber habe ich nicht getestet, jedoch sehen auch diese sehr viel versprechend aus.

Fazit: Eine klare Kaufempfehlung. Einfach nur TOP daher 5 Sterne.

Anonymous - 04/05/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Very good plugin! All perfect, everything works 100%.

A plugin of great quality and is different from the others.

The dev takes time to respond but solves your problems.

I’m excited about the next updates!

Anonymous - 03/22/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Great plugin.

Some tips for next update:

1- New chat system, or add support to another chat plugin like DeluxeChat.

2- Dealer to upgrade the team, not only individual.

3- Coin system, to buy kits.

4- Scoreboard and inventory for the lobby.


    Marcel - 03/22/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    Great = 4 stars?

Anonymous - 01/17/2017 (From SpigotMC)

This is a really good plugin !

But up to me it misses an other configuration (in the configuration file):

– beds will be destroyed only with TNT

Tanks for this beatiful plugin !

You are an great devloper !

Sorry for my bad english


    Marcel - 01/17/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    I’ll add that soon.

    But 1 star less because I didn’t add something you didn’t told me?

Anonymous - 01/03/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Great game and plugin! After trying out other bedwars plugin this one worked the best for our server. Developer is also good about fixing bugs if you message him… Thanks Marcely!

Anonymous - 12/22/2016 (From SpigotMC)

Im so happy with the results ^^

There are still some bugs, but they are not important (they wont change any play experience) it will be fixed soon, and the addons are also epic and icant wait for tje next update ^^

Anonymous - 09/05/2016 (From SpigotMC)

I got a little Problem with the plugin,

Im using the Plugin CloudSystem and get ports like “:34000”

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: [MBedwars-BungeeCord] Failed to bind into socket!

[11:36:02] [Server thread/INFO]: [MBedwars-BungeeCord] Maybe restarting your server will fix that.

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: localhost.localdomain: localhost.localdomain: unknown error

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at de.marcely.bedwars.bungeecord.SocketManager.inject(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at de.marcely.bedwars.bungeecord.JobManager.onEnable(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at de.marcely.bedwars.MBedwars.onEnable(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_9_R1.CraftServer.loadPlugin(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_9_R1.CraftServer.enablePlugins(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.v1_9_R1.MinecraftServer.t(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.v1_9_R1.MinecraftServer.l(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.v1_9_R1.MinecraftServer.a(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.v1_9_R1.DedicatedServer.init(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: Caused by: localhost.localdomain: unknown error

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at Method)

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at$2.lookupAllHostAddr(

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: at

[11:36:02] [Server thread/WARN]: … 14 more


    Marcel - 09/05/2016 (From SpigotMC)

    man i said to not post errors in here 🙁

Anonymous - 08/08/2016 (From SpigotMC)

Its a good plugin but idk why, my prefix names and player names are white when i use this plugin. even on other worlds. Using EssentialsX and PermissionsEX


    Marcel - 08/08/2016 (From SpigotMC)

    I’ll fix that soon

Anonymous - 07/06/2016 (From SpigotMC)


Again an awesome job from an awesome Dev 😀


Anonymous - 06/15/2016 (From SpigotMC)

Das ist das beste Bedwars PL was es gibt ! Und es ist auch nicht teuer!



Anonymous - 06/13/2016 (From SpigotMC)

Sorry für die 3 Sterne aber es funktioniert nicht richtig!

– Ich habe die eingerichtet und wenn man joint, dann kann man nicht leften und und bei /bw leave kommt ein Error

– Der Countdown zählt auch nicht runter und wenn man auch Das Start-Item drück passiert nichts

Könnt ihr mir bitte helfen?


    Marcel - 06/13/2016 (From SpigotMC)

    ich würde dir früher helfen wenn du mich früher deswegen ansprechen würdest.

    ohne weiteren informationen kann ich dir leider nicht helfen

Anonymous - 06/13/2016 (From SpigotMC)

Super Plugin! Die Konfiguration ist am anfang komisch aber wenn man der Wiki folgt ist alles leicht zu verstehen. Es existieren natürlich noch ein paar Fehler aber die werden sicherlich gefixt.

Anonymous - 05/23/2016 (From SpigotMC)

Cooles Plugin aber die tablist muste noch farbig machen sonst alles nice villt noch beim bungee addon noch die option Join Running game hinzufügen das man das disablen kann damit keiner unötig joint wen spectating disabled ist

Anonymous - 05/20/2016 (From SpigotMC)

Das Plugin ist Mega gut! Support antwortet eig. Ganz schnell und das Plugin bietet viele Featues! Und das Plugin ist nicht teuer!

Anonymous - 05/19/2016 (From SpigotMC)

Super Plugin und toller Dev!

Empfehle jeden, der ein BedWars Plugin sucht, sich dieses hier zu kaufen! ^^

Anonymous - 05/13/2016 (From SpigotMC)

Als ich das Plugin gekauft hatte und eine Arena erstellt hatte war ich geschockt da der Villager nicht funktionierte. Ich kontaktierte den Dev und innerhalb 1 bis 2 Stunden waren die Fehler behoben. Seitdem klappt alles reibungslos und Fehlerfrei. Mein einziger kleiner wunsch wäre einfach das nur die Todesnachrichten von Spielern aus der Aktuellen Arena gesehen werden können und das diese auch geändert werden in zum Beispiel wenn man getötet wird dass diese Nachricht ausgegeben wird: “name wurde von name Getoetet” und wenn man einfach Stirbt “name ist Gestorben.

Aber ansonsten klappt alles wunderbar, Respekt an den Developer! 🙂

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The most fascinating Bedwars system out there. Enrich your server's community using this simple-to-use plugin.

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