Marcely’s Bedwars

Marcely’s Bedwars is one of the largest and one of the most maintained Bedwars plugin out there. Since its release in October 2015 the plugin has evolved from a fun project whose owner created it for his own server into a large project that’s being used and adopted by many server owners. Reasons for the plugin to stand up from others are its community and their readiness in helping newbies, its optimized and regularly written code, and its extensiveness. Not only is the plugin very configurable it also has a large API that’s being used by developers to extend the already major core to their needs.









Bedwars nowadays is a classical Minigame and a standard on lots of servers.
In there, your goal is to strategically compete in a team against your enemies, however, to also protect your own bed.Your bed is your life source in this game, so if it’s gone and you die you’ll be eliminated.
The maps are similar to those from SkyWars, so the map usually consists of flying islands. But instead of chests, there are spawners on the island which spawn resources, with which you can buy yourself blocks to actually build yourself forward or weapons to defeat yourself. Read more about it on our wiki.







  • Unlimited amount of active arenas on a single server
  • Supports BungeeCord & Standalone (Single non-network server)
  • Supports SQL
  • Supports various CloudSystems
  • No dependencies (No, for real. You don’t even need WorldEdit to utilize all features)
  • Includes 29 language files (Managed by the community, you may even add your own one)
  • Well documented and modern Wiki
  • Custom automatic update checker
  • Issue tracker – if something is not right with a plugin or configuration, the plugin informs you about the exact problem!
  • Includes a Doner Kebab ( not a real one tho 😉 )
  • Includes “unfunny” jokes
  • Smart systems to retain a high TPS, such as a threaded ticker that takes load from the main thread into a separate thread/cpu core
  • Mapvote system that works flawlessly with the multi-arena system
  • Extremely customizable (12 Separate Configuration Files, Main Configuration is ~1000 lines long)
  • Super simple arena creation and customization
  • Use either commands or the Setup GUI that helps you through the setup with every step
  • Various arena types:
    • Region: Stable & efficient regenerator, has a border
    • World: Uses the whole world, slightly less efficient
    • World (SWM): Same as world, only uses SWM (more efficient)
  • Create any type of arena (Solo, duo, trios, quad, etc…) or even with literally 100 players per team, if you wish
  • Have any amount of teams for your arena (up to 15, limited by Minecraft’s colors 😉 )
  • Icons (for the arena join GUI’s)
  • Set Map builder author(s)
  • Set minimum players
  • Super Fast Regeneration Times – usually takes less than 2 seconds (No TPS Drops)
  • Rejoining (works flawlessly with BungeeCord as well)
  • Arena picker – An advanced feature which lets you create different ways of joining into specific arenas (Documentation)
  • Arena join GUI’s (Documentation)
  • Ranking signs, skulls and statues
  • Has an Ecosystem consisting of Templates and Add-ons (Explore)
  • Massive API (JavaDocs)
  • Does not affect performance
  • Supports a lot of plugins (view the list below)
  • Achievements!
  • Customizable Sounds
  • Player Stats: Wins, Kills, Ranks, Deaths, Final Kills, Bed Destroys, Play Time, Win Streaks and even add your custom ones using the API!
  • Stats Hologram
  • Configurable Hotbar items in the Lobby
  • Support for different Types of NPC’s (Villager, NPC[self] – Uses your own Skin ,NPC[UUID] – UUID of a Player, ArmorStand[Parameters] – Parameters for rotating arms and feet)
  • Extremely customizable spawners
  • You can use every item as a resource and create as many as you want
  • Set any time as an interval
  • Display holograms (Spawner Name, Block & Time until Next Drop) above item spawners
  • You can drop multiple resources from a single Spawner
  • You can add a custom spawn sound and particle effect
  • If a Spawner has dropped X Amount of Items, it will stop spawning them until they are picked up
  • Community created addons and custom configuration files
  • They are available on the official MBedwars website
  • Extremely configurable shop
  • Choose between multiple Design Templates (Normal, Hypixel, HiveMC, GommeHD, Rewinside, Minesucht, BergwerkLabs, HypixelV2)
  • You can show Bedrock Players (Over GeyserMC) a different Shop Layout
  • Create custom items (Auto Bridges or PopUpTowers and more)
  • Add Enchantments from Sharpness 1 to Efficiency 32767
  • Multi resource support (you can make X resources needed to purchase an item)
  • Multi item support (Only 1 item is Displayed in the shop, but if you buy it, it gives you x Amount.)
  • Special items (Rescue Platform, Mobile Shop, TNT Sheep, Fireball, Guardian, Magnetic Boots, Base Teleporter, Bridge builder tool, player tracker, trap)
  • You can give every Item a custom Description (Lore)
  • Upgrades Shop
  • 2 Shop layouts (Normal and “old” Hypixel (new one comming soon))
  • You can modify the UpgradeName and Description
  • Set custom prices, icons, modifier for upgrades
  • You can have as many upgrade levels as you want
  • Hide player armor when using invisibility potions
  • Allow players to spectate active matches
  • Break the lobby with the start of a match
  • Have a custom bed block (something else than the bed, you could theoretically even play eggwars)
  • Custom death messages
  • Security features (prevent your staff from cheating, anti /tpa, /home etc. features)
  • Give players prizes
  • Manually define the performance usage using following parameters: Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Ultra
  • Customize the GUIs
  • Have signs, holograms or NPCs for joining an arena
  • Advanced chat customization
  • Tons of placeholders for PAPI
  • Migrate from other Bedwars plugins
  • Support for hex colors
  • We support all versions from 1.8.8 up to the latest one and we won’t ever remove any version in the future
  • *phew* and a lot more!

Thanks to @ItsPat and @LeNinjaHD for helping me with this list 😀







This is the list of (almost) all the plugins/software we consciously added into the source code. By this, we’re able to provide a further stable and extensive experience. You may of course have more plugins on your server than those listed here. The plugin generally tries its best to not cause any interferences.



* We try our best to support as many forks as possible, and it’s likely that your fork will work with our plugin. However, keep in mind that there’s a chance that it won’t work as with any plugin. You’ll have to switch to an other server .jar if that’s the case. PaperMC and SpigotMC are generally fully supported.

















“It is a pleasure to work with Marcel, the plugin presents an optimized and stable system that allows us to offer the game to hundreds of users. In addition to being very complete and customizable, ideal for any type of server. To highlight the excellent support and response time for bug fixes.” – Alex, CEO of


















We take user-friendliness and QoL features extremely important. Thus, you will find a bunch of miscellaneous features that make us stand out from the alternatives. One example would be the setup wizard: A literal website in which you are able to set up the plugin. In there, you are being brought to the world of MBedwars through step-by-step instructions. One of the steps introduces the choice of whether you would like to have a template called “HyPixel” preinstalled. You may also choose another variant created by us if you instead would rather have a unique experience. You may read more about it on our wiki:







Then prepare yourself for the fairyland you’re about to face. Not only is the API itself already huge and extremely modular, it was also designed to be easily usable by everyone. We have spent lots of time in describing as much as possible in the Javadoc, making it easier for you to reach your goal. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got questions.

Anonymous - 05/26/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Das ist wirklich eines der besten BedWars Plugins, die es gibt.

Der Developer ist sehr aktiv und hat fast einen 24/7 Support.

Es hat so ungemein viele Einstellungen, man es zu 90% individuell anpassen kann.

Den Rest erledigen die Addons, von denen noch noch nicht einmal eine Idee hat, wie z. B. Deathmatch!


    Marcel - 05/26/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Danke 🙂

Anonymous - 05/02/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Dear author, I am a minecraft server developer, and I often use your plug-in for research. I like this plug-in very much, and I hope you can allow me to reprint it to minecraft communication BBS in China ( so that more developers can know about this plug-in


    Marcel - 05/02/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Sure, no problem.

Anonymous - 04/29/2019 (From SpigotMC)

The Plugin is good. The Support is very fast. The plugin has a lot of configuration options.

Anonymous - 04/18/2019 (From SpigotMC)

its very good plugin. Support is very fast and friendly. He fixed my problem to 4 days 🙂


    Marcel - 04/18/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you very much for your review 🙂

Anonymous - 04/15/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Das Sehr gutes und umfangreiches Plugin. Allerdings ist es schade, dass man keine Armorstands als Shop etc benutzen kann und dass man erst nach Ende des Mapvotings ein Team wählen kann.

Dann sicherlich 5 Sterne 😀


    Marcel - 04/15/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Danke für deine Bewertung 🙂

    Das mit den Rüstungsständern kann ich machen, kein Ding.

    Aber das mit Teams wurde extra so gemacht, da man ja vorher nicht wissen kann, welche Teams in der nächsten Arena sein werden. Bei der einen Arena kann es rot und blau geben, bei der anderen aber wiederum grün und gelb.

    Wenn du ein Lösungsvorschlag hast, dann lass es mich hören 😉

Anonymous - 02/27/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Awesome plugin with a lot of useful features!

Thanks for Marcely99 for that. 🙂


    Marcel - 02/27/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thanks 🙂

Anonymous - 12/29/2018 (From SpigotMC)

This is the best bedwars plugin money can buy you!

Awesome developer and fast support!

I will recommend it to everyone that I know who needs a bedwars plugin!

-Wonderflexx staff 😀


    Marcel - 12/29/2018 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you very much

Anonymous - 12/08/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Es geht super gut. Kann ich den Src haben?

Nur manche texte sind weiss.



    Marcel - 12/08/2018 (From SpigotMC)

    Die Source ist derzeitig closed.

    Du kannst jede Nachricht in der Messages Datei verändern, fehlt da trotzdem eine, melde mir das bitte.

Anonymous - 11/21/2018 (From SpigotMC)

GG and the best bedwars plugin so far..

Very recommended for you guys!

__________________100 Char


    Marcel - 11/21/2018 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you!

Anonymous - 11/19/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Best plugin for bedwars. Author very good man, when arena restorer don’t work, I send message and he quicly helped me. Sorry for my English, I from Ukraine.

Лучший плагин для бедварса. Автор очень позитивный и хороший парень, помогает со всем и очень быстро. Багов почти нет, а если и есть то фиксит быстро. Советую всем.

Anonymous - 09/03/2018 (From SpigotMC)

The plugin seems to work fine, until you create a world arena, it started spamming chest closing events on console and my game got crazy with an inventory spam when i closed my inventory after the team settings stage, please fix it, i don’t want to see that paranormal activity on my game again pls


    Marcel - 09/03/2018 (From SpigotMC)

    Haha sure, no problem. Could you send me your latest.log via a private message?

Anonymous - 08/13/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Can you add the cool title that the hivemc has when the game starts pls tysm and good plugin keep it up

Best regards,


Anonymous - 08/12/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Bestes BedWars Plugin das ich kenne

Das ist sehr gut und ich habe keine Lust 80 Worte zu schreiben

Anonymous - 08/09/2018 (From SpigotMC)

I apologize for my clumsy review! I will change the evaluation of how the author will fix all the bugs found! The plugin is very good, a lot of functionality!


Прошу прощения за мой корявый отзыв! Изменю оценку, как автор исправит все найденные баги! Плагин очень хорош, много функционала!

Anonymous - 06/08/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Perfektes Bedwars Plugin . Es ist sehr konfigurabel.

Der Developer/Author ist sehr aktiv und kümmert sich gut um Fehler bzw. Bugs.

Es ist sein Geld wert .

Würde es weiter empfehlen 🙂

Anonymous - 05/22/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Nice plugin ! Just the shop config is a little too difficult, and the command /bw arena create <arena name> <made by…> -world , create a big problem. the rest is really interesting because we can configure many things, as we want. Good job 🙂


    Marcel - 05/22/2018 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you for your honest review. I am looking into improving these features in the future.

Anonymous - 05/20/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Bestes Bedwars plugin nach meiner meinung . 🙂 . Auf dem Discord gibt es einen schnellen Support

Anonymous - 05/15/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Since the purchase of the Mbedwars plugin, more than 100 updates have been released. The developer loves his job, helps customers and quickly fixes a bugs. Thanks for your working!

Anonymous - 05/14/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Hi dev

Can I get a support link, discord or wiki?

Anonymous - 05/08/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Awesome plugin! The dev is great at helping you! 😀 And he is nice! I would recommend getting this plugin! Worth it!

Anonymous - 05/06/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Ein wirklich gutes Plugin. Es lohnt sich wirklich dieses zu kaufen!

1. Der Preis ist für so ein gutes Plugin völlig gerechtfertigt

2. Der Support ist super &

3. Es gibt keine Bugs.

Anonymous - 03/31/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Also als ich das Plugin gekauft habe war der Support schon sehr gut.

Jetzt ein paar Monate später immer noch 10/5 Sternen!! Das Geld ist es in jedem Fall wert!!! Und auch jede Spende denn er hilft auch bei nicht begabten Personen wie mir hahaha und bei Problemen die nicht mit seinem Plugin zu tun haben

Anonymous - 03/24/2018 (From SpigotMC)

The author is very active on his Discord, and has added my suggestion within a few weeks! 😀 I really recommend! 😀

Anonymous - 03/20/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Amazing plugin! Supportive and good dev! Best bedwars plugin there is. Highly recommended!

Anonymous - 03/18/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Ich finde das ein richtig gutes BedWars-Plugin.

Jedes BedWars-Plugin was ich bis jetzt getestet habe, hatte nicht so gute Funktionen wie diese Plugin.

Man kann das Plugin so einstellen, wie es einem passt. Man kann auch Funktionen von BedWars von vielen großen Servern kombinieren. Man kann sich also so also quasi sein eigenes BedWars-Plugin erstellen.

Nur zu empfehlen 😀

Anonymous - 03/13/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Very nice plugin with many features!!!

But you could add a item in the waitinglobby which you could use to choose between “gold spawning” and “not spawning”

(Gold voting)

Thx for superfast support!


    Marcel - 03/13/2018 (From SpigotMC)

    This is already on our trello, but thank you for your suggestion.

Anonymous - 02/21/2018 (From SpigotMC)

I want to update Simplified Chinese


See, please reply


    Marcel - 02/21/2018 (From SpigotMC)

    No problem. Just send me private message with the changes 🙂

Anonymous - 01/17/2018 (From SpigotMC)

Hey tolles Plugin und einfache Einrichtung doch der Admin meines Netzwerkes meint, dass alle Spieler richtung Wand in der Bedwars Lobby spawnen daher wollte ich fragen wie man das fixxen kann da ich denke dass es am Plugin liegt.

Anonymous - 12/26/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Bester Support, bestes plugin einfach nur perfect:DD.——————————————-

Anonymous - 12/10/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Einfach nur toll, 5Sterne ——————————————————–100 Zeichen

Anonymous - 12/05/2017 (From SpigotMC)

After testing many different bedwars plugins, this one is by far my favorite at the moment. It’s extremely complex and has a ton of features! Keep up the good work 🙂

Anonymous - 12/04/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Wirklich Gutes Plugin 😀 nur eine Sache geht bei mir nicht und zwar das Automatic Join . BITTE HILFE . <3

Anonymous - 12/02/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Decent plugin. I would say it’s not 100% complete, it needs some features but overall it’s a well put together plugin, but overpriced.

Anonymous - 11/26/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Es ist den Preis einfach wert! Es enthält tausende Features und alle sind komplett einstellbar. Der Support ist sehr schnell und freundlich. Man kann auch über Discord mit einer PSC bezahlen, falls ihr keinPayPal habt (So wie ich). Das Plugin enthält auch 2×1 und 8 verschiedene Shop Typen, welche man auswählen kann. Ich kann es jedem nur weiter empfehlen! Probs an den Entwicklicher!

Unsere ServerIP:

MfG Beatz1

PS: Bestes BW Plugin auf Spigotmc

Anonymous - 11/20/2017 (From SpigotMC)

This plugin is 2 years old but still gets regular updates. Plugin author has no intention to abandon this plugin. It has great futures and @Marcely99 keep adding them! Also he gives great support! Don’t think twice if you want to buy this!

Anonymous - 11/12/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Also echt Wahnsinn ich bin begeistert von diesem Plugin! Es gibt so viele Features die man verwenden kann. Ich hatte zudem Probleme mit dem einrichten des Servers, wo ich auch schon Google gefragt habe und Sachen ausprobiert habe welche nicht funktioniert haben. Ich habe ihn dann um Hilfe gebeten und er hat mir alles sofort beantwortet. Also wirklich ich bin begeistert von dem Plugin und erst Recht vom Support! Das Plugin rentiert sich für das Geld und für diese Features wirklich sehr günstig. Riesengroßes Lob an den Entwickler. Würde auch 10 Sterne geben

Anonymous - 11/09/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Das beste Bedwars System was ich bis jetzt kennen lernen durfte.

Das Bedwars System läuft ohne Bugs und die Konfig ist auch sehr einfach gehalten.

Und erstmal Lob an den Developer er hat mir immer bei meinen Problemen gegeben und ist sehr schnell und Freundlich.

Er geht auch auf Wünsche ein usw…

Es kommen immer mehr Updates und das finde ich gut das der Developer seine Plugins am Leben hält.

Leute spendet ihm auf jeden Fall mal was werde ich auch tuhen.

Für seine gute Arbeit was er leistet 🙂

Anonymous - 11/08/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Super keine lags selbst mit leistung auf Ultra

Aber kannst du bitte CloudNetV2.1 (is nur V1)Support machen?

Anonymous - 11/02/2017 (From SpigotMC)

The best Bedwars plugin available on SpigotMC! It has so many functions. I really recommend this resource. If you have a problem, the Discord support helps you really fast. I love it <3

Anonymous - 11/02/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Dear author, I have a few request here. First, I hope plugin to add a game to close the restart function, because it can improve the performance of the server, my server is BungeeCord. Second, I’d like to add a new itemspawner because the VIP player wants to have their own itemspawner, just like BedWarsRel. Finally, I’m very supportive of your Plugin! This is my first review of the pay plugin,


    Marcel - 11/02/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    There’s already a config to restart the server (restart-oncearenaend).

    I’ve added your request to trello! 🙂

Anonymous - 10/26/2017 (From SpigotMC)

It is a good BedWars plugin it have a lot of Feautures and friendly Support i`m so happy about this

Anonymous - 10/21/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Dear author, I have a few request here. First, I hope plugin to add a game to close the restart function, because it can improve the performance of the server, my server is BungeeCord. Second, I’d like to add a new itemspawner because the VIP player wants to have their own itemspawner, just like BedWarsRel. Finally, I’m very supportive of your Plugin! This is my first review of the pay plugin,

Here is a bug. leaderheads won’t get the player score information for plugin


    Marcel - 10/21/2017 (From SpigotMC)

    There’s already a config to restart the server: restart-oncearenaend.

    Could you explain me what you exactly mean with ‘itemspawners for VIPs’? Please join our discord or write me a private message and please don’t write suggestions in the review the next time. 🙂

Anonymous - 10/16/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Excellent plugin! Great shop designs + code. Lot of config files which are easy to configure. It’s 100% worth to buy this plugin!

Anonymous - 10/16/2017 (From SpigotMC)

i was waiting for the update to have upgrade shop and boom there it is the long wait is over…… best bedwars plugin , recommended to all server owners out there 🙂

Anonymous - 10/16/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Thanks very much for corrected tabcomplete bug. Lov u ❤❤❤

Best Bedwars plugin 10/10!

Anonymous - 10/03/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Il miglior pl bedwars. Poi a qualsiasi domanda rispondono in 1 secondo. Perfetto

Anonymous - 10/02/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Bestes BedWars Plugin. Ich hab mittlerweile richtig viele Plugins durch die alle schei*e waren. Und richtig Guter und schneller Support.

Anonymous - 10/02/2017 (From SpigotMC)

good job, nice supp, new good updates, good dev, the plugin works great, i haven’t bug, i’m using spigot 1.12, i recommend this plugin

Anonymous - 10/02/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Great work! Friendly developer and great support

Keep up the great work! i’ll recommend this plugin to others <3

Anonymous - 09/28/2017 (From SpigotMC)

Xthemag, At least marcel wrote the plugin all by hinself and didnt copied any of the code

He is listening to his community and adding and fixing bugs

When Marcel makes a new uodate, he fixes thungs, and not, you xthemag, update after update and no fixes, even tho it sayd bugfix, but didnt happaned

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