Marcely’s Bedwars

Marcely’s Bedwars is one of the largest and one of the most maintained Bedwars plugin out there. Since its release in October 2015 the plugin has evolved from a fun project whose owner created it for his own server into a large project that’s being used and adopted by many server owners. Reasons for the plugin to stand up from others are its community and their readiness in helping newbies, its optimized and regularly written code, and its extensiveness. Not only is the plugin very configurable it also has a large API that’s being used by developers to extend the already major core to their needs.









Bedwars nowadays is a classical Minigame and a standard on lots of servers.
In there, your goal is to strategically compete in a team against your enemies, however, to also protect your own bed.Your bed is your life source in this game, so if it’s gone and you die you’ll be eliminated.
The maps are similar to those from SkyWars, so the map usually consists of flying islands. But instead of chests, there are spawners on the island which spawn resources, with which you can buy yourself blocks to actually build yourself forward or weapons to defeat yourself. Read more about it on our wiki.







  • Unlimited amount of active arenas on a single server
  • Supports BungeeCord & Standalone (Single non-network server)
  • Supports SQL
  • Supports various CloudSystems
  • No dependencies (No, for real. You don’t even need WorldEdit to utilize all features)
  • Includes 29 language files (Managed by the community, you may even add your own one)
  • Well documented and modern Wiki
  • Custom automatic update checker
  • Issue tracker – if something is not right with a plugin or configuration, the plugin informs you about the exact problem!
  • Includes a Doner Kebab ( not a real one tho 😉 )
  • Includes “unfunny” jokes
  • Smart systems to retain a high TPS, such as a threaded ticker that takes load from the main thread into a separate thread/cpu core
  • Mapvote system that works flawlessly with the multi-arena system
  • Extremely customizable (12 Separate Configuration Files, Main Configuration is ~1000 lines long)
  • Super simple arena creation and customization
  • Use either commands or the Setup GUI that helps you through the setup with every step
  • Various arena types:
    • Region: Stable & efficient regenerator, has a border
    • World: Uses the whole world, slightly less efficient
    • World (SWM): Same as world, only uses SWM (more efficient)
  • Create any type of arena (Solo, duo, trios, quad, etc…) or even with literally 100 players per team, if you wish
  • Have any amount of teams for your arena (up to 15, limited by Minecraft’s colors 😉 )
  • Icons (for the arena join GUI’s)
  • Set Map builder author(s)
  • Set minimum players
  • Super Fast Regeneration Times – usually takes less than 2 seconds (No TPS Drops)
  • Rejoining (works flawlessly with BungeeCord as well)
  • Arena picker – An advanced feature which lets you create different ways of joining into specific arenas (Documentation)
  • Arena join GUI’s (Documentation)
  • Ranking signs, skulls and statues
  • Has an Ecosystem consisting of Templates and Add-ons (Explore)
  • Massive API (JavaDocs)
  • Does not affect performance
  • Supports a lot of plugins (view the list below)
  • Achievements!
  • Customizable Sounds
  • Player Stats: Wins, Kills, Ranks, Deaths, Final Kills, Bed Destroys, Play Time, Win Streaks and even add your custom ones using the API!
  • Stats Hologram
  • Configurable Hotbar items in the Lobby
  • Support for different Types of NPC’s (Villager, NPC[self] – Uses your own Skin ,NPC[UUID] – UUID of a Player, ArmorStand[Parameters] – Parameters for rotating arms and feet)
  • Extremely customizable spawners
  • You can use every item as a resource and create as many as you want
  • Set any time as an interval
  • Display holograms (Spawner Name, Block & Time until Next Drop) above item spawners
  • You can drop multiple resources from a single Spawner
  • You can add a custom spawn sound and particle effect
  • If a Spawner has dropped X Amount of Items, it will stop spawning them until they are picked up
  • Community created addons and custom configuration files
  • They are available on the official MBedwars website
  • Extremely configurable shop
  • Choose between multiple Design Templates (Normal, Hypixel, HiveMC, GommeHD, Rewinside, Minesucht, BergwerkLabs, HypixelV2)
  • You can show Bedrock Players (Over GeyserMC) a different Shop Layout
  • Create custom items (Auto Bridges or PopUpTowers and more)
  • Add Enchantments from Sharpness 1 to Efficiency 32767
  • Multi resource support (you can make X resources needed to purchase an item)
  • Multi item support (Only 1 item is Displayed in the shop, but if you buy it, it gives you x Amount.)
  • Special items (Rescue Platform, Mobile Shop, TNT Sheep, Fireball, Guardian, Magnetic Boots, Base Teleporter, Bridge builder tool, player tracker, trap)
  • You can give every Item a custom Description (Lore)
  • Upgrades Shop
  • 2 Shop layouts (Normal and “old” Hypixel (new one comming soon))
  • You can modify the UpgradeName and Description
  • Set custom prices, icons, modifier for upgrades
  • You can have as many upgrade levels as you want
  • Hide player armor when using invisibility potions
  • Allow players to spectate active matches
  • Break the lobby with the start of a match
  • Have a custom bed block (something else than the bed, you could theoretically even play eggwars)
  • Custom death messages
  • Security features (prevent your staff from cheating, anti /tpa, /home etc. features)
  • Give players prizes
  • Manually define the performance usage using following parameters: Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Ultra
  • Customize the GUIs
  • Have signs, holograms or NPCs for joining an arena
  • Advanced chat customization
  • Tons of placeholders for PAPI
  • Migrate from other Bedwars plugins
  • Support for hex colors
  • We support all versions from 1.8.8 up to the latest one and we won’t ever remove any version in the future
  • *phew* and a lot more!

Thanks to @ItsPat and @LeNinjaHD for helping me with this list 😀







This is the list of (almost) all the plugins/software we consciously added into the source code. By this, we’re able to provide a further stable and extensive experience. You may of course have more plugins on your server than those listed here. The plugin generally tries its best to not cause any interferences.



* We try our best to support as many forks as possible, and it’s likely that your fork will work with our plugin. However, keep in mind that there’s a chance that it won’t work as with any plugin. You’ll have to switch to an other server .jar if that’s the case. PaperMC and SpigotMC are generally fully supported.

















“It is a pleasure to work with Marcel, the plugin presents an optimized and stable system that allows us to offer the game to hundreds of users. In addition to being very complete and customizable, ideal for any type of server. To highlight the excellent support and response time for bug fixes.” – Alex, CEO of


















We take user-friendliness and QoL features extremely important. Thus, you will find a bunch of miscellaneous features that make us stand out from the alternatives. One example would be the setup wizard: A literal website in which you are able to set up the plugin. In there, you are being brought to the world of MBedwars through step-by-step instructions. One of the steps introduces the choice of whether you would like to have a template called “HyPixel” preinstalled. You may also choose another variant created by us if you instead would rather have a unique experience. You may read more about it on our wiki:







Then prepare yourself for the fairyland you’re about to face. Not only is the API itself already huge and extremely modular, it was also designed to be easily usable by everyone. We have spent lots of time in describing as much as possible in the Javadoc, making it easier for you to reach your goal. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got questions.

Anonymous - 09/06/2020 (From SpigotMC)

i love plugin


Anonymous - 08/17/2020 (From SpigotMC)

This add-on is undoubtedly the title of “The Best Add-on for Bedwars in Minecraft”

A little complicated to configure if you do not read the instructions but it has too many things and this makes everything very configurable.

The support is spectacular and wonderful.

Congratulations to the owner!

Anonymous - 08/11/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Very nice plugin! It’s very simple to configure an arena.

There are few bugs but Developer regularly fixes them.

Anonymous - 08/10/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Definitely, thank you very much for the great support that your developer and staff give. Every problem that occurs they are always active to solve it. Why talk about the doubts, if they answer them with great coherence and speed.

If I could buy it again, I would not hesitate.

Thanks Marcel for this amazing plugin. (:

Anonymous - 08/09/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Extremely fast bug fixes, and new features being added constantly. I would recommend this to other admins too.

Anonymous - 08/01/2020 (From SpigotMC)

100% worth it for me. Every time I think I got the whole config down, there is just more. Great support too.

Anonymous - 07/29/2020 (From SpigotMC)

1. This Plugin is really great!

2. The developer is really active and listens and cares about his buyers/community!

3. You can’t regret purchasing this plugin!

4. Originality is the key to success

5. Duck 🙂

Anonymous - 07/10/2020 (From SpigotMC)

For sure the best Bedwars plugin on the market. Active development, and helpful support.

Don’t even bother trying out other plugins… this one’s the best.

Anonymous - 07/01/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Love this plugin, very worth it!

It is fully customizatible and the developer is very active on the support discord. I told him about a bug and he fixed it within hours 🙂

Highly recommended

Anonymous - 07/01/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Amazing bedwars plguin! Recomend to buy this!


+ All fully configurable and have so many featues

+ Fully editable shop with maaaany settings

+ Support. (It’s really fast and cool)

+ Nice API. You can create you own dynamic shop with many new featues.

+ Arena setup. It’s really easy to setup and didn’t take so many time

+ Huge config.

+ Optimization. It’s really cool and work nice. When arena regen nothing drop and server work fine.

Anonymous - 06/29/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Amazing plugin, lots of options and the developer helps in all you need!

Thanks for all :p

Anonymous - 06/22/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Nice Update 🙂


Anonymous - 06/18/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Super Plugin und netter Developer

Es ist echt alles einstellbar und die Features sind wirklich umfangreich

Anonymous - 06/05/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Few plugins become as good as yours, but yours is so very good that each server can make their bedwars their way, sorry for bothering you with report bugs and for everything

Anonymous - 05/30/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Best minigame plugin on Spigot! It has everything configurable. The developer is active, responds to almost every question.

Anonymous - 05/28/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Marcel is a very active developer and this plugin is great. Takes a day or two of tinkering with it to fully understand how it all works, but once you do you can customize it more so than any other bedwars plugin. Hypixel ripoffs be gone, this is the ideal plugin for the server owner who wants a familiar yet unique bedwars experience.

Anonymous - 05/27/2020 (From SpigotMC)

By far the best plugin I have ever purchased! The support is absolutely amazing with consistent quick replies to all my questions. Don’t bother looking for any other bed wars plugin, this is defiantly the only one worth getting. Thanks Marcel!

Anonymous - 05/27/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Very very good plugin, almost everythink is configurable and the owner is very friendly and helpful! MUST HAVE

Anonymous - 05/11/2020 (From SpigotMC)

An incredible plugin, the best bedwars out there.

I highly recommend, it is worth 15 euros

Anonymous - 04/19/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Fabulous update, you still surprise me Marce, I recommend this addon to make a unique BedWars modality

Anonymous - 04/15/2020 (From SpigotMC)

The plug-in is very complete, the configuration is very easy, can help me complete a lot of settings in advance, do not need me to consume too much time, I am very supportive to purchase

Anonymous - 04/13/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Ein Super Plugin. Der Support ist echt spitze und super schnell. Auf jedenfall das Geld wert!

Anonymous - 04/12/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Best Bedwars plugin on the market! Very configurable while also being simple to understand and navigate. Performance is great too!

Anonymous - 04/11/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Tolles Bedwars Plugin! Mit ebenso tollem Entwickler, welcher die Bugs schnell fixt!


    Marcel - 04/11/2020 (From SpigotMC)

    Vielen Dank, du bist auch toll!

Anonymous - 04/03/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Excellent developer, quick solutions to big problems! Preppy Approved!

Would of bought it even if the price would be 2x. So buy it !!! lol


    Marcel - 04/03/2020 (From SpigotMC)

    Really? You can donate if you want :))

Anonymous - 04/01/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Wow.. where should i start? The support is incredible, my errors got fixed within 2 hours. The setup is easy, fast and well documented. If you are searching for a bedwars plugin, Marcely’s Bedwars is the only way to go.


    Marcel - 04/01/2020 (From SpigotMC)


Anonymous - 02/29/2020 (From SpigotMC)

This plugin is amazing in so many ways. Everything from all the placeholders it has, to the setup process, to the Bungeecord integration is just phenomenal. And the dev is super helpful over on their discord. overall, 10/10. If you’re on the edge about buying it do it. It’s completely worth it and you won’t regret it.


    Marcel - 02/29/2020 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you very much, I’m trying my best 🙂

Anonymous - 02/28/2020 (From SpigotMC)


So far the best plugin where I can modify what I want, thanks Marcel <3



    Marcel - 02/28/2020 (From SpigotMC)

    <3<3 Thank you too

Anonymous - 02/09/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Klasse Plugin!. könntet ihr noch ein rejoin addon einbauen das wenn man aus der runde gekickt wird wegen bsp. Internet. … wieder in die runde join und weiter spielen kann

Anonymous - 01/14/2020 (From SpigotMC)

Incredible Support, everything works fine – found a bug got fixed in 1 day…

no cap best plugin i ever bought


    Marcel - 01/14/2020 (From SpigotMC)

    I’m happy that everything went fine at the end.

    Thank you for your review

Anonymous - 12/15/2019 (From SpigotMC)

The best plugin, the support is incredible, each update improves the plugin, and almost finished BedWars and EggWars, what a thrill, keep it up


    Marcel - 12/15/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you :)))

Anonymous - 11/27/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Excellent plugin, keep surprising me, don’t stop updating brother <3



    Marcel - 11/27/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Bro stop you’re making me flushed 😀

Anonymous - 10/03/2019 (From SpigotMC)


So far the best plugin to make bedwars or eggwars, thanks <3



    Marcel - 10/03/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you so much 😀

Anonymous - 09/05/2019 (From SpigotMC)

honestly, the best bedwars plugin ever!

Super cusomizable, super advanced, 0 lag

the developer is the greatest!

find a bug? Fixed in 20 minutes, if he is online, hehe

he really works very hard to fix the bugs and add features, the discord support is also very great and the community! you won’t regret purchasing this plugin, it’s worth so much more than the actual price!

So supporting him by purschasing the plugin is the least you can do! Trust me, it’s totaly worth it!


    Marcel - 09/05/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you very much for writing your 10th review :)))

Anonymous - 08/29/2019 (From SpigotMC)

The best BedWars plugin!

Very-very good support! Thanky Marcely for that COOL resource


    Marcel - 08/29/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    No problem and thank you too

Anonymous - 08/20/2019 (From SpigotMC)

This is by far one of the best plugins and support experience I have ever had. If you are looking for a completely moldable Bedwars plugin, then this is for you. Marcely99 is an amazing developer and is easy to work with if you need support. Always ready to help and never angry about it.


    Marcel - 08/20/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thanks c:

Anonymous - 08/20/2019 (From SpigotMC)

If you want Bedwars in your server, Marcely’s Bedwars is definitely your first choice.

Marcely is a nice person, he has worked tirelessly to solve my SQL problem until it is fixed. This plugin has been in existence for four years since its inception in 2015, supporting the latest version 1.14.4 and Paper. I believe that it will continue to be updated in the next few years.


    Marcel - 08/20/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you for your honest review

Anonymous - 08/19/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Wie kann ich die WorldEdit Punkte setzen immer wenn ich Versuche sie du setzen und ich habe WorldEdit überprüft steht dort es gäbe keine WorldEdit Punkte

Anonymous - 08/12/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Good project with lot of improvements, Marcell is kind and listened to my suggestions, and they are already done.


    Marcel - 08/12/2019 (From SpigotMC)


Anonymous - 08/11/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Never leave this project, you can get more things, improve and more, a good service sincerely


    Marcel - 08/11/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    I’ll try to continue supporting it for some time 🙂

Anonymous - 08/11/2019 (From SpigotMC)

well let’s say the plugin is still top! 🙂

can’t wait to open up a server again! this time with some help of some friends xD

i need to stop trying to do everything by myself haha 😀


    Marcel - 08/11/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Haha good luck this time 😀

Anonymous - 07/21/2019 (From SpigotMC)

I love the plugin, it is very broad and I can do several things, in the case of reporting or solving a bug it is also excellent, the programmer is very active, sometimes he does not answer but I solve it before 3 or 4 days, I love this plugin


    Marcel - 07/21/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    I appreciate your honest review, thank you 🙂

Anonymous - 07/16/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Very nice plugin with tons of customization! I had one bug but that was soon fixed with some help from the author <3


    Marcel - 07/16/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thanks man, took some time to spot the bug tho

Anonymous - 07/13/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Always the best bedwars plugin !! With an excellent dev. He helped me on my server for all my problems 🙂


    Marcel - 07/13/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Merci beaucoup!

Anonymous - 06/27/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Bestes BW Plugin… Wenn man was braucht oder nicht funktioniert hilft Marcel immer! Das ist ein DEV der seine Plugins mag


Best Bedwars Plugin… When you need something or something doesnt work than you just contact Marcel and he will help you. Thats a Developer that likes his Plugins


    Marcel - 06/27/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Danke danke 🙂

Anonymous - 06/16/2019 (From SpigotMC)

I just bought your plug-in. I just started to test it and found that it was not working. The configuration file only generated part of it, and the background error was reported. If you’re answering or developing a set of tutorials.


    Marcel - 06/16/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Make sure that you are using the latest version of (paper)spigot when running on 1.13+. It’s common that errors, whose source isn’t from this plugin, occur when still using an deprecated version. Please write me a private message on spigot or in discord after you’ve updated your spigot so that I can help you with further questions.

Anonymous - 06/04/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Great pluggin, Simple to use and very user friendly! Recoment this to everyone!


    Marcel - 06/04/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thanks c: I appreciate that

Anonymous - 06/02/2019 (From SpigotMC)

Its a great plugin with good support and its easy to use!

Conclusion: Its worth the money!


    Marcel - 06/02/2019 (From SpigotMC)


Anonymous - 05/29/2019 (From SpigotMC)

The Plugin is very good. The Support is very fast and the Plugin has a lot of configuration options.


    Marcel - 05/29/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    That’s very kind, thank you 🙂

Anonymous - 05/26/2019 (From SpigotMC)

This plugin is great. I compared all plugins, but this plugin is the best. It has the most advanced features.


    Marcel - 05/26/2019 (From SpigotMC)

    Thank you c:

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